Sacred Scribe - Heather Fraser

An Easter weekend gift for you....(free download) from Friday to Sunday...with all my love. 

This is a book about transcendence.

  • The kind that comes from being able to see with soul in each moment, situation, or encounter and the achingly beautiful grace that comes from doing so. This will bring you peace.
  • The kind that has you remaining in the moment while you are walking through the soul fires of your life, not away from them.  This will bring you creativity, vitality, and abundance.
  • The kind that will have you asking, “Am I experiencing a greater awareness of the Divine in myself and others? Am I dealing more effectively and lovingly with the challenges in my life?”  This will bring you trust and confidence.
  • The kind that will have you realizing that all you want to be, you already are, and that all you have to do to move your awareness there is stay present in order to see the reality of your own soul, and others.  This will bring you love and joy.

Here is an excerpt: "Once you’ve had an honest heart to heart with yourself and admitted that your pile (or mountain!) of crap resistance and denial is no longer serving you or those you love, take a deep, nourishing breath and choose to accept yourself and your situation exactly as it is. Underneath all the anger, if you are willing to move beyond it, is a deep and painful sorrow.  It’s okay.  Breathe.  Yes, it is sorrow.  The sorrow you’ve been holding onto since forever.  Feel this in your body, the paralyzing fear, the loss of what you wish you had or lost, the absence perhaps of feeling cherished, or successful, or secure.  You don’t even have to know what the sorrow is.  It could even be from a past life. This is where you simply stop and allow yourself to rest in this place. Lay your head down into the safe arms of whoever comes to mind.  Let go of the eons of depression, self-loathing, how you created a false identity for yourself, oftentimes a spiritual mask as an escape out of your painful history. We must admit this pain is there and that it is stopping our growth and evolution.  We may as well make our peace with it. It’s not going to go away. It won’t end you, not ever, yet the releasing of it will set you free.  It’s an act of grace, courage, and deep self-love."

Easter Weekend Gift of Love
(gift your friends...spread the light)
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*Take 5 minutes and let your heart melt with joy.*
Feel it.

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What is a Scribe?

"The ibis and the ink pot – these are blessed. For as the ibis pecks along the bank for a bit of food, so the scribe searches among his thoughts for some truth to tell. All the work is his to speak, its secrets writ down in his heart from the beginning of time, the god’s words rising upwards through his dark belly, seeking light at the edge of his throat. We are made of god stuff, the explosion of stars, particles of light, molded in the presence of gods. The gods are with us. Their secrets writ only in the scrolls of men’s hearts, the law of creation, death and change inscribed in the blood and seed of man’s love. In the beginning and at the end, the book is opened and we see what in life we are asked to remember."  

-From The Speeches, Awakening Osiris, by Normandi Ellis

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